Monday, October 14, 2013

Art Galleries, Massive Exhibition Spaces (video)

Galleries are Converting Roller Rinks and Airplane Hangers Into Massive Exhibition Spaces - "....Mr. Marlow said his White Cube gallery doesn't regret for a moment going big. After opening that football-field-size space in London last year, 130,000 people stopped by—more than the gallery got at its two other, smaller London galleries combined. Some artists are ready to take a contrarian view. Next week, around the same time Mr. Jackson opens his race car show, the artist aims to open a nonprofit gallery of his own called Bunker 259. It will be housed in the same Brooklyn building as his studio, and the idea, he said, is to showcase a single piece by a single artist at a time, with coffee and snacks for guests. His space is about 160 square feet, or roughly "the size of a living room," he said."

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