Monday, December 30, 2013

iPad art, Hockney exhibit

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He creates his work with an app built by former Apple software engineer Steve Sprang of Mountain View, Calif., called Brushes, which along with dozens of other programs like Touch Sketch, SketchBook Mobile and Bamboo Paper are being snapped up by artists, illustrators and graphic designers. Together, the artists are developing new finger and stylus techniques, with Hockney's vanguard work offering innovative approaches. "David Hockney is one of the living masters of oil painting, a nearly-600-year-old technology, and thus is well positioned to have thought long and hard about the advantages of painting with a digital device like the iPad," said Binghamton University Art Historian Kevin Hatch in New York. Hatch said a "digital turn" in the art world began about 25 years ago, as the Internet gained popularity, and he said today most artists have adapted to using a device in some way as they create art. A similar shift happened almost 100 years ago with the dawn of photography, he said, when innovations such as the small photograph cards and the stereoscope captured the art world's imagination. (source infra)

iPad art gains recognition in new Hockney exhibit  | " . . . while iPad work is still novel, the physicality of painting and drawing have gone on for millennia. "These gestures are as old as humans are ... Go back to cave paintings, they're using finger movements to articulate creative expressions." Hockney, 76, started drawing on his iPhone with his thumb about five years ago...." (read more at link above)

Monday, December 23, 2013

Banksy New York street show, fans, defacers

Banksy's NYC street show draws fans -- and defacers - U.S. News: ""There are some people who manage to retain the respect of various other graffiti artists and some people who don’t," he said. He noted that the ragging — as defacing someone else's work is called — has only brought more publicity to Banksy, who theoretically has the resources to the make his art someplace harder to reach. "And, of course, he's taking it to New York, where he doesn't stand a chance," Neelon said."

Monday, December 16, 2013

Art, Forgery, Art Market, China

A Culture of Bidding: Forging an Art Market in China: "Indeed, even as the art world marvels at China’s booming market, a six-month review by The New York Times found that many of the sales — transactions reported to have produced as much as a third of the country’s auction revenue in recent years — did not actually take place. Just as problematic, the market is flooded with forgeries, often mass-produced, and has become a breeding ground for corruption, as business executives curry favor with officials by bribing them with art." (read more at link above)

Monday, December 9, 2013

Navigating Miami Art Fairs

Art and Miami with fairs in convention centers, studios and hotel rooms across the city -- exhibitions include Art Basel Miami BeachArt MiamiScope MiamiPulse Miami and the New Art Dealers Alliance.

Navigating Art Fairs in Miami and Beyond - "... As Nick Korniloff, director of Art Miami, put it, “It’s going to be hard not to run into an art fair.”...." (read more at link above)

Monday, December 2, 2013

Art Basel Miami Beach, December 5-8, VH1 and SCOPE

Art Basel - Miami Beach: Miami Beach, December 5–8, 2013 . . .  the favorite winter meeting place for the international art world. At the nexus of North America and Latin America, this Art Basel show presents premier artwork from across the globe. Over 250 of the world's leading galleries participate, drawing over 50,000 visitors each year.With miles of sandy beaches dotted with classic Art Deco architecture, world-class art museums, and a glittering nightlife, Miami Beach ranks among America's most iconic cities. During Art Basel, it embraces the artworld with special exhibitions at museums and galleries across the city, transforming the week into a dense and dynamic cultural event....(read more at link above)

VH1 And SCOPE Head To Miami To Merge The Music And Art Worlds | Music News + Gossip | VH1 Tuner". . . This year, SCOPE and VH1 are teaming up to host ART + MUSIC + BEACH to celebrate the convergence of music and art in a series of curatorial on-air, online and on-site collaborations at SCOPE’s new location in the heart of South Beach at 10th St. & Ocean Drive. . . .- On-site, the VH1 Indoor Lounge within the SCOPE Pavilion will expose SCOPE Miami attendees to a series of activations designed to celebrate the crossover between art and music, and will be open to all for the duration of the fair – December 3-8, 2013.- On Friday, December 6, VH1 will host the Official VH1 + SCOPE Party..."

NYTimes: Art & Design