Monday, November 25, 2013

Art, Editions, Technology

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Go forth and multiply | Felix Salmon: " . . . the big effect of reproduction on the art world is not fakes, or reproductions of originals. Rather, the first-order effect is the rise in editions, and then the second-order effect is the rise in spectacles and experiences. Neither of them, pace Kaminska, will do any harm to art’s financial value. Quite the opposite: as more art is seen by more people, its desirability will only tend to increase. There might be an art market crash — but if there is, it won’t be due to oversupply. In fact, oversupply is a major factor keeping the bubble afloat."

Monday, November 18, 2013

Art News From Abroad, Putin Underwear Artist

Art News from Abroad -- you can't make this stuff up --

Putin Underwear Artist Flees Russia to France for Asylum - Bloomberg: "An artist whose paintings feature President Vladimir Putin in women’s underwear fled to France after authorities in St. Petersburg shut his exhibition and confiscated four of his works, the exhibition’s curator said. Konstantin Altunin flew to Paris . . . and plans to seek political asylum, Tatiana Titova, the director of the Museum of Power, said by phone from Putin’s hometown. The seized works also included satirical portrayals of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev in women’s underwear. Police will study the paintings to determine if they violate any laws, the Interior Ministry said in a statement on its website."

Monday, November 11, 2013

Photography at New Downtown Miami Gallery

New downtown gallery to emphasize photography - Downtown/Biscayne Corridor - "The gallery is located inside the Security Building, a historic site built in 1926 and designed by architect Robert Greenfield in the Beaux Arts style. . . . For Look at Me, the gallery is showcasing works by European photographers, most of which have extensive backgrounds in fashion editorial and advertising. Several works by gallery partner Weber showcase cinematic photographs of fashionable (and scantily-clad) women worthy of any high fashion magazine. The former bank vault is lined by large portraits of women in a muted palette In the upstairs mezzanine, Christopher Tomas showcases close-ups of crushed and weathered soda cans"

Monday, November 4, 2013

Friends Witnessed Miami Beach Cops Killing Teenage Artist Israel Hernández-Llach

A life lost, an artist worth remembering --

Two of the dead teenager’s friends, including one who says he was his “lookout” while Hernández-Llach applied paint, said the officers exchanged high-fives and congratulations after Tasering him. “He was on the ground and the cops were making jokes,” said 19-year-old Thiago Souza. Félix Fernández said he saw about five police officers chasing Hernández and shoving him against a wall. Then he saw his friend on the ground, surrounded by police. (source infra)

Friends who witnessed Tasering of Beach teen offer disturbing details - Miami-Dade - " . . . All he thought about was art.’’ Herb Kelly, one of his art teachers at Miami Beach High, said “it was an honor to work with him.’’ He said a number of his pieces were exhibited at various galleries and museums in the area and he was very active at networking. “He was cutting edge. He had such awesome potential. To lose his life the way he did is tragic.’’ Kelly said the teen was inspired by Miami Herald photographer Carl Juste, whom he met when he spoke to one of his classes. “He was a photographer too, and was going to try to show Carl some of his work,’’ Kelly said. His best friend, Tracy West’s daughter Eleanor, said he was born in Colombia and moved to this country when he was 13 or 14. He immediately fell in love with Miami, she said, and said he never planned to leave. He had recently launched a line of skateboards that he designed and hoped to market under the name “Tropical,’’ and was completing an online course to earn his high school diploma. “His art was everything to him,’’ she said." (read more at link above)

NYTimes: Art & Design