Thursday, May 30, 2013

Camera-free photography by Marco Breuer

Review: Camera-free photography with beauty and bite by Marco Breuer - "Marco Breuer practices photography in a sculptural, performative sense, redefining the medium as physical and primal through embossing, scratching and scraping, burning, scoring and sanding. Diane Rosenstein included the New York-based artist in the gallery's inaugural group show earlier this year, and follows up now with a stunning career survey of nearly 50 works from the mid-'90s to the present. Breuer uses many of the raw ingredients of conventional photography (light-sensitive paper, time, light itself), but typically bypasses others, such as cameras, lens and negatives. What he creates are unique residual marks on paper, rather than replicable recorded images, lines and patterns yielded from concrete, chance-inflected actions. . . ." (more at link above)

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Artfully Chic in Chelsea (video)

Intersection: Artfully Chic in Chelsea: Alexis Johnson draws style inspiration from her boss at the Paula Cooper Gallery.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Two Miami exhibitions - Art and City Life

Two Miami exhibitions link art with city life - Visual Arts - " . . . The CIFO presentation is Navarro’s first exhibition in South Florida. On the other hand, Eugenio Espinoza and Andres Michelena—the Venezuelan artists whose work is being shown at CCE — have been widely exhibited in local museums and galleries. Both currently live in Florida, the former in Gainesville, the latter in Miami. In Remembering/Arranging/Resisting, the two artists continue the discussion about art, architecture and the built environment. Using a much more abstract and minimalist vocabulary than Navarro, Espinoza’s floor installation Negativa Moderna also explores the urban environment, employing the artist’s trademark black-and-white grid. Accompanying photographs document how it started out as neatly arranged strips of unprimed canvas with black stripes that are reminiscent of organized street plans. As visitors to CCE have walked over Espinoza’s installation, however, the canvas strips have become displaced and disordered — in much the same way that cities grow organically and diverge from the meticulously crafted street patterns favored by urban planners. . . ." (more at link above)

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Where to Be Seen at Art Basel Hong Kong

The art party continues. . . in Hong Kong--

Where to Be Seen During Art Basel - Scene Asia - WSJ: " . . . The most coveted invitation of the weekend? Saturday’s Art Basel closing party hosted by Yana Peel, founder of the debate series Intelligence Squared. The event takes place at the Jumbo Seafood Restaurant, the gilded floating palace in the middle of Aberdeen Harbor on Hong Kong’s south side." (more at link above)

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Theaster Gates

Theaster Gates, Chicago artist: Art & Design: "The first time Theaster Gates showed his work at NADA Miami during Art Basel Miami Beach, in December 2009, he was an unknown artist from Chicago’s South Side. He’d never had formal representation, so when the curator Francesco Bonami invited him to participate in the 2010 Whitney Museum’s Biennial, Gates approached the Chicago gallerist Kavi Gupta for help. The Biennial was three months away, and Gupta thought it wise to “position” Gates in advance of his New York spotlight. So Gupta took shoe-shine stands to Miami that Gates had made using clapboard siding from a building he had restored. . . . once Gates arrived in Miami, he decided on the spur of the moment to animate them. As high-flying patrons wandered through the fair, he invited them to take a seat—and then began shining their shoes. Crowds formed to watch him, and collectors quickly learned his name. The chairs sold out, with the Chicago arts patron Larry Fields paying around $12,000 for one upholstered in red and yellow vinyl. . . . Read more:

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Frieze Art Fair

The real issue for Frieze, then, may not be whether there is a conflict of interest between its editions in Britain and the United States, but whether there is a sufficiently deep pool of collectors to support both Frieze New York and the Armory Show.(source infra)

Frieze Art Fair Pitches Its Tent in New York - When the Frieze Air Fair, the cool teenager of the contemporary art world, set up shop in New York last year, there did not seem to be much surprise. But Frieze New York, which opens its second edition Friday in Randall’s Island Park in Manhattan, remains a daring move and a gamble for the London show and its organizers. The fair, which runs through Monday, comes just two months after the centennial edition of the huge Armory Show in New York, and competes with Art Basel Miami Beach, another important U.S. destination for serious collectors. (read more at link above)

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Banksy graffiti up for sale in London

It will go on sale at the London Film Museum on June 2--

LONDON: Banksy graffiti will go back up for sale in London - Visual Arts - "An artwork by secretive graffiti artist Banksy that sparked controversy when it disappeared from the side of a north London store has been put up for sale in the U.K., months after it was yanked from the block in Miami."

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


SEVEN Comes Back for Seconds: The Dealer-Run Mini-Fair Opens Tomorrow in Brooklyn | In the Air: Art News & Gossip | "Last year the dealer-run mini-fair SEVEN, known to Art Basel Miami Beach migrants for mounting uncluttered exhibitions in Wynwood since 2010, made its debut in Brooklyn during Frieze Week. But with the group’s recent expansion to Texas during last month’s Dallas Art Fair and a full schedule at their preferred venue, Pierogi’s massive Williamsburg annex The Boiler, the organizers nearly gave up on holding a second edition in New York." (read more at link above)

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Inventing Abstraction: 1910-1925 (video)

Museum of Modern Art's curator Leah Dickerman

Charlie Rose: A look at the Museum of Modern Art's Inventing Abstraction: 1910-1925 with curator Leah Dickerman (click link for the video)

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Great Chicago Fire Festival

Public Art Group Redmoon staging Great Chicago Fire Festival, October, 2014--

Chicago hopes to set minds, hearts on fire with new festival - "The inaugural Great Chicago Fire Festival, commemorating the famous conflagration of 1871 and the city's subsequent rebirth, is slated for October 2014 and is expected to become an annual event. Held along the Chicago River between Columbus Drive and Michigan Avenue, it will feature "acrobatics, live music, fantastical machines" and flaming floats, organizers said. The city's partner in staging the event is the public art group Redmoon, whose leaders pitched the festival as one that has "the potential to become Chicago's Mardi Gras," said Michelle Boone, commissioner of the Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events. "This isn't just a spectacle that happens on the river," Boone said. "Artists and residents in the communities we target will work together with Redmoon over a period of weeks to create art that will be part of a spectacle procession."" (read more at link above)

NYTimes: Art & Design