Saturday, June 1, 2013

Spectacular art fair city

Five spectacular art fair cities - " . . . Art Basel Miami Beach . . . Yes, the show is an offshoot of the original in Switzerland, but as it approaches its 12th year, Art Basel Miami Beach has earned its stripes in the art community -- and not merely because it gives everyone an excuse to visit Florida in the winter. . . Art Basel Miami Beach features more than 200 exhibitors showcasing the work of some 4,000 artists and competition to be included is fierce -- close to 700 galleries applied to show at Art Basel Miami Beach last year. As at the original Art Basel, the focus here is on the new, but in Miami Beach, there's emphasis on artists and galleries from the United States and Latin America. The Art Nova and Art Positions sections of the fair showcase recent works, and young and emerging artists. The Art Public section, organized in cooperation with the Bass Museum of Art, places art installations in Collins Park. The next Art Basel Miami Beach takes place December 5-8. . . ."

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