Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Maya Lin - ‘Here and There’

Maya Lin’s New Memorial Is a City - After Hurricane Sandy, Maya Lin, the architect and artist, decided her new show at Pace Gallery would fix on Manhattan and its surrounding landscape, environmental history and waterways.

Maya Lin’s ‘Here and There’ at Pace Gallery - " . . . Also on view are rivers cast from recycled silver and carved marble sculptures of the globe. But the show’s most unexpected aspect is a space devoted to her Web site What Is Missing? (, begun in 2011 as part of a larger memorial to vanishing species and habitats worldwide. “I see it as a guerilla artwork,” she said. The Web site at first offers a world map shimmering with points of colored light. Click on one, and you find entries about the vanished oysters of Brooklyn’s Gowanus Canal, or the once-abundant sturgeon of the Hudson River, or the long-gone beavers, foxes and flying squirrels of Manhattan. Clicking elsewhere unveils the natural sound of the ocean, now often obscured by sonar and shipping noise; footage of the blue fin tuna, overfished to near-extinction; or stories about the starry night skies that are no longer visible above Wuhan, the most densely populated city in Central China. (The piece is represented in the gallery by about 100 of the Hudson River entries, projected on the walls.) . . . "

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