Monday, August 5, 2013

South Beach Through Paint, Mosaics And Mirrors

"TIMESCAPES" Captures The Vibrancy Of South Beach Through Paint, Mosaics And Mirrors - "Timescapes draws the eye of the viewer through intricate glasswork and a vibrant color palette. "My goal was to offer our guests a sensory experience through mixed mediums inspired by the natural oceanfront landscape," said Cricket Taplin, who, with her husband Marty Taplin, owns the Sagamore Hotel. "The artwork in the lower flights offers a completely different experience -- it's more symmetrical, more organized. As guests climb the stairwell, the energy intensifies resulting in a more abstract yet rhythmic dialogue. The fifth and final flight is climatic -- it's a complete explosion of color, reflections and textures that dance in harmony with each other and with the oceanfront.""

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