Saturday, May 25, 2013

Two Miami exhibitions - Art and City Life

Two Miami exhibitions link art with city life - Visual Arts - " . . . The CIFO presentation is Navarro’s first exhibition in South Florida. On the other hand, Eugenio Espinoza and Andres Michelena—the Venezuelan artists whose work is being shown at CCE — have been widely exhibited in local museums and galleries. Both currently live in Florida, the former in Gainesville, the latter in Miami. In Remembering/Arranging/Resisting, the two artists continue the discussion about art, architecture and the built environment. Using a much more abstract and minimalist vocabulary than Navarro, Espinoza’s floor installation Negativa Moderna also explores the urban environment, employing the artist’s trademark black-and-white grid. Accompanying photographs document how it started out as neatly arranged strips of unprimed canvas with black stripes that are reminiscent of organized street plans. As visitors to CCE have walked over Espinoza’s installation, however, the canvas strips have become displaced and disordered — in much the same way that cities grow organically and diverge from the meticulously crafted street patterns favored by urban planners. . . ." (more at link above)

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